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Haji Abdual Rahim Giga Pardesi

The founder of Giga Group of companies,Haji Abdul Rahim Giga, made his debut into the textile industry and trading business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1956, sowing a seed that today is a giant tree that is still growing and branching out. That one bold step, seventy years later, has lead to a great business. Today the Giga Group comprises of several companies independently and jointly owned by the Giga family in Pakistan and Middle East. The Giga Group has a multifarious set of business activities in textile, gold refining, bullion trade, real estate development and the construction industry.The Giga vision is to become one of top international conglomerates with right action, right partners, right business principles and the right attitude to all clients and employees that nourish the entity.Just like a tree nourishes the entire planet, Giga wishes to enrich the lives of all those who are touched by its presence. house that grows stronger with every season and every challenge.

our vision

Become a well-diversified leader in respective industries, through the efficient utilization of resources, technology, market wisdom and reputation.

our key strengths

Attracting and retaining the best talent; by providing appropriate environment and equal opportunities that complement their career aspirations.

An important component of our accomplishments is ensuring teamwork within the company. Further still teamwork is not only prevalent within the company’s parameters; they proactively align with our clients, associate partners and stakeholders in our businesses.

our core values

Fairness in business practice – externally.
And internally – respecting the rights, individuality and esteem of every employee and aim to realize a working environment that allows them to develop and nurture their respective abilities and overall personalities.